Tuesday, September 6, 2011

25 Tips to Get the Ultimate Kitchen

1. Highlight the Cooking Area
2. Give Your Island Legs
3. Combine Countertops
4. Put Dishes Within Reach
5. Set Up a Breakfast Station
6. Make a Statement
7. Keep Essentials Close
8. Spotlight Your Work Area
9. Add Function With Furniture
10. Mix Cabinetry Finishes
11. Store Food in Clear View
12. Create a Beverage Center
13. Put Your Cabinets to Work
14. Tuck Away the Microwave
15. Simplify Food Prep
16. Choose an Artful Backsplash
17. Install a Pot-Filler Faucet
18. Use Special Cabinet Features
19. Take Care of Your Wine
20. Plan Seating for Guests
21. Add Flavor with Flooring
22. Showcase Your Hobby
23. Add User-Friendly Areas
24. Create Work Areas / Define Work Zones
25. Strive for Function with Style

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