Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Refresh Your Space with Paint

Thinking of painting your home to update the space? Before painting the whole room, check out these ideas for smaller projects that pack just as much style impact as a whole-room makeover, but without all the work.

Add Color to a Neutral RoomAdd Color to a Neutral Room
Are your rooms stuck in neutral gear? See how bright, bold blocks of wall color warm up a formerly all-beige living room.
Paint Stunning StripesPaint Stunning Stripes
Here are the step-by-step instructions for painting your walls with pretty stripes. Don't miss the tips and tricks section and our additional color suggestions as well.
Patches of PaintPatches of Paint
Any room can take on a contemporary feel with this paint idea. Simply mark off squares and rectangles on the wall and fill each with a colorful paint. The area rug and bedding were the inspiration for this bright color scheme.
Linen Texture Paint TechniqueLinen Texture Paint Technique
With a simple linen weaver tool, textured linen glaze, and coordinating paint, you can use this technique to reinvent treasured textiles on walls, furniture, doors, and countless other decorative accessories.
Chandelier RescueChandelier Rescue
Rescue a tired brass chandelier with a coat of silver spray paint. Two paint hues brighten the lampshades that were further decorated with dots of paint applied with the rounded end of an artist's paintbrush.
Crinkle Painting TechniqueCrinkle Painting Technique
This speedy-to-apply finish involves mixing paint with glaze, applying it over a base coat with a roller, and then pressing, bunching, and partially removing the mixture with sheets of plastic.
A two-tone wall (pink below and green above) already makes a fresh statement. A further artistic touch of peel-and-stick circles and wooden rings (painted in vibrant hues) energizes the look, yet can be easily removed.
Chambray CharmChambray Charm
This stylish chambray wall treatment will have your guests pondering whether the professional-looking finish is painted, papered, or something else altogether.
Stone-Look BorderStone-Look Border
This timeless wall treatment does more than add texture and color to walls; it disguises imperfections such as cracks, dents, and rough patches.
Marquetry Made SimpleMarquetry Made Simple
Achieve the look of expensive wood inlays with a clever combination of stains and paints.
Dress Up Blinds with PaintDress Up Blinds with Paint
Use rows of stamped designs to create this pretty look. See the project link below with a list of materials and instructions.
Grass Cloth Wall ProjectGrass Cloth Wall Project
Textured wall coverings are a popular way to evoke the faraway cultures of Asia as well as the rich texture of natural grasses. Here's how to get the look with paint.
Watercolored WallWatercolored Wall
Color-washed walls bring movement and drama to a room's vertical surfaces. The technique is simple to master and you can layer on as many tones as you like; the more layers you add, the more interesting the finish.
Monogramming ProjectsMonogramming Projects
Not all letters are created equal. Favorites might start a name or create a pretty silhouette. Here are a few ways to use the letters you love.
Painted Headboard Panel ProjectPainted Headboard Panel Project
An easy-paint headboard creates a dynamic decor detail for a casual bedroom.
Painting Wicker Chairs for SummerPainting Wicker Chairs for Summer
You'll love these painting projects to dress your new or old wicker with summery motifs to bring new life to any fresh-air gathering.
Striped Wall ProjectStriped Wall Project
Wide-stripe walls in classic pink create an irresistible room for two small sisters. We have tips for creating the look in your own home.
By the SeaBy the Sea
Two tones of blue create the feeling of the ocean in this child's room. A wave pattern is a fun take on more traditional wainscot.
Dresser Paint IdeaDresser Paint Idea
Dress up a boring chest of drawers with drawers painted with a two-tone plaid design and long pennants with school names.
Overhead ArtOverhead Art
Inspired by a rug motif, the homeowners cut mod squares from plywood, painted them with leftover wall paint, then hung them in overlapping layers from thin chains screwed into the ceiling. They serve as overhead art and an eye-catcher to all who enter.
Make-It-Yourself ArtworkMake-It-Yourself Artwork
A canvas and paint are all you need to make this modern art for pennies.
Circle AroundCircle Around
A little paint and fun embellishments work wonders without permanency. Paintable wooden rings in white pop out on top of a butter yellow wall, though any color combination could add a vibrant touch, even in an apartment or dorm room.
Wall SquaresWall Squares
A playroom or child's bedroom may be the perfect place to go wild with color. Create a playful grid by taping off even rectangles and painting them bright, coordinating hues.
How to Paint TileHow to Paint Tile
Give outdated ceramic tile walls a new look by decoratively painting them in colors you love. Enamel crafts paint (available at crafts stores and discount stores that carry crafts supplies) covers well on most tiles. Learn more below.
How to Paint (Just About) Anything


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